Are you for us?

Ehh this question is not easy. What do you mean?

 When one is confronted with such a question, they often default to defensive. They are stunned by the idea that the questioner doubts their allegiance to the cohort or to the course of the group or the nation. Are you for us?

As we look at Joshua 5:13-15, we can’t help but get surprised by the reaction that Joshua gets from the commander of the army of Yahweh. Ideally, we see Joshua being very courageous and in high spirits. After all, God in the presence of all Israel had elevated him and his position is not in anyone’s ambit for discussion. He was getting ready to lead the children of Israel to “war” and conquer all that God had promised. The moral was high or what others would say, he was in “high spirits”.

It is one thing to be elevate as a leader by the Lord to serve or even to lead a certain conquest and it is another to wait upon the one who has anointed you for the conquest. Let me break it down. We may have been given promises by the Lord of what He intends to do with us and instead of waiting for the right time for the manifestation of the promise, we go ahead and “help God” to bring it to reality. We could be great preachers, organizers, planners, most loving and the list goes on. Nevertheless, what does the Lord require of us?

When we see that things seem not to go our way we start doubting the people that are with us. Maybe they are not the right people. Maybe we need to layoff some people. These people are slow in catching the vision and many other comforting reasons that we offer or are being offered by those who have our ear. Maybe the question that we need to ask Joshua is, “whose side are you?” or if we are to think of it deeper, who are these that belong to him? The answer that we get from the commander is very intriguing and mind boggling. I thought we were to sweat and kill some Gods enemies together but lo! This is not so. The reality is that his position is to lead the people of God not his own and this is made so clear.

The commander of the army of Yahweh gives a mind “reset” to Joshua of this reality. He wasn’t in the business of conforming to the laid down structures of men who then try to ask God to be on their side without asking Him first His opinion. Many leaders fall into this ruse. Just because we think we have favor with the people of God, we believe that we can do things in God’s name and expect Him to cover for us. Mmhhh, we have to think again. It is not Gods people that matter; it is God Himself that matters. What the commander was telling Joshua was that, the battle belonged to God. It wasn’t a matter of choosing sides. It was God keeping His promise of giving them the land He had promised and therefore, the accolade was on Him to do so and not the people otherwise He would not be faithful! It is important for the believers today to allow God to do what He said He will do and not to try to “help“. when prayers are made, we should allow God to do His thing because without Him we can do nothing! 

If you and I were to receive such an answer, what would we do? Would we be found wanting? I believe so. This is because we often want to work in spheres that we find ourselves accepted by men in order to fulfil certain unmentioned or underlying conditions about us in our service to God. God forbid! In our leading of Gods people, our object of honor should be God. Our commander in this war is God. Our leader, the Chief Shepherd is God. Those that we lead should not see us in the place of God nor should they feel comfortable being led by their “own” in Gods service otherwise they will be counted among those who worship idols.

Once again, are you for us?

8 thoughts on “Are you for us?

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  1. Very amazing post, this is where many of us Go wrong,we should always consult with God before embarking on a particular task. That way we are always sure to emerge victorius.


  2. ephesians2:10 we are His workmanship created for Christ Jesus for good works, which we were created before hand, that we should walk in them..
    We were ordained by God not man . where does our allegiance lay?


  3. Interesting thought…. God is not choosing sides He has a position that does not change according to our whims even when we, are His called… We are the ones to choose to be on His side.


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