No Strange Inheritance

We get tired of what life brings our way. We toil hard to get all that we can get so that we can ‘can it’ for the generations to come. Nevertheless, truth be told, we get old. Age catches up with us very fast and most of the times we are unaware of this fact until the time to clock the card reaches.

pst. lusimba

This was the reality with Joshua. The Lord Himself recognized this fact. I wonder why He just didn’t want to renew his strength so that he could be young again and possess the many fields that were waiting. God recognizes the fact that sometime we will have to prepare for our exit from earth. From the scriptures, we hear a subtle tone in the voice of God when He reminds Joshua of his age and the challenge that still awaits. But the beautiful thing that we can see is that despite the fact that Joshua was now old, God still kept his promise of getting the land to His children. This He does it on their behalf (verse 6).

The lands that the Lord gives to the children of Israel was not to be shared with any other people as it were since the promise was for the Israelites only. God was focused to see to it that whatever He was comes to pass and that the remains faithful to all. There were other habitants of the land that were defeated but they were not destroyed as the others were. This was a misdemeanour but we see that God doesn’t revisit that but ensures that His instructions as to how the land was to be distributed still stands. Only the nine tribes of Israel are to be given the land. Only the Levites would not get the land because the Lord Himself is their inheritance. This is actually repeated twice in this chapter (verse 14, 33).

………because they are for a different purpose.

The position of the Levites is important to the eyes of God to the extent that God Himself became their inheritance. In other words, the Levite’s issues and concerns were His own. Their livelihood and growth as a people was His concern and this is a perfect inheritance.

This is not a test of faith but it is a way of life. I believe that there people that God has called for his own service and He leads His people. Nevertheless, at the same time, I know that His children are to believe in Him and trust Him since they are equally His inheritance. The Lord Himself cares for His children and it is His concern as to how and where they live. This is a beautiful thought and encouragement as well.

As a leader, what confidence do you have in the Lord

  • When the Lord apportions His blessings upon His own the way He wills?
  • Are you worried that He will bypass you?
  • Do you apportion the same for yourself because it can be done in God’s name? Joshua was tasked to give the lands to the children of Israel only but we also know that there were other people who were to be not to be there in the first place. He was faithful in apportioning but this leaves a question in my mind.
  • Would you as a leader be faithful to your own as the Lord dictates or will you include others who butter your bread?

We have leaders who have allocated the inheritance of the people to ‘strange’ people and yet they claim to be serving God. This has happened and is happening on all levels of leadership. This is an abomination.

pst lusimba

May the Lord be my inheritance.

Don’t be left behind.

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