Lord, help me see!

Joshua in his address to the descendants of Joseph reminds us of the many things we take for granted not because of the many resources but I think it is much more rooted in greed!

The seventeenth chapter of Joshua we see him a lotting parcel to the other half-tribe of Manasseh in a manner that will be referred to later in my scrolling. However, as we look at verses 14 onwards we notice an interesting phenomenon. The descendants of Joseph felt aggravated by the idea that they were given an inheritance that seems “not to match” what the rest were given. The reason that they give is that they were more in number as compared to the rest of the family members. Let us consider the question they asked Joshua. “Why have you given us one allotment and one share as an inheritance?” their reason being, “We are many people, which Yahweh has blessed.”

It is easy to castigate them for not being grateful for what was offered to them as a family. The reason being, according to Joshua, their numbers would easily help them to acquire more land that was well beyond the boundaries that were set for them. As Joshua puts it, “You are many people and have great power; you will not have one allotment only; the hill country will be yours. Even though it is a forest, you will clear it, and it will be yours to its farthest borders. You will drive out the Canaanites, even though they have iron chariots and are strong.” We realize that they were not looking at their advantage but they were more concerned with what the others were getting.

Joshua points out to them that they are powerful, they have vast land irrespective of the weapons that the Canaanites have. It is easy to look at what your brother or sister has received and completely not be able to appreciate what you have as a believer. They were fixated at what the others were getting while not realizing the opportunity that waits for them in the land that was given to them. They were not seeing the advantage of the hill country, nor the timber that they would get from the forest as they created room for growth. They did not apprehend their strength over the Canaanites who were already subjugated by the reason of the Israelites presence in the land. The reaction was based on what their eyes would see. There was no much room for imagination let alone faith!


This is exactly what some of us go through as the children of faith. We often look over our shoulders to see what the other person is doing or what they have that makes them look better or is different from what we have. We often do not realize the capacity that we have as the children of God. For this reason, we become lazy or complacent in doing the simple things in life because we believe that the other person has better. We fail to attempt to work hard or to take up opportunities because we believe that the other has better or is better placed than us.

Take a closer look at yourselves and see who we are in the eyes of God! You will realize that the potential that the Lord has given you is so much more than what you think you have or what you can even use. You have been positioned, as a believer, at an advantaged place and more so accompanied by the creator of heaven and earth. This means that all that is set before you is not for you to struggle on how to make it but just to allow God, who is always with you to help to see the opportunities in a place. Do not go the complaint road and lose sight of what the Lord has for you but rather ask God to reveal the opportunities available for you in the place that he has placed you. More often than not, we do not do much with what we have because we are busy checking out what the other is doing that seems to make them “better” forgetting that we have the best with us and that our races are different.

May God help us to see what He has for us because His plan for us is good.

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