When God provides in this life we are often grateful for that. We sing His praises on the rooftops because He has done it again. But on the other hand, when were are already in a position of blessing we are made blind by the good or the success that we already have received from God thereby lose the opportunity to go even further than where we are already at.

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This may not be necessarily true for the case of the children of Israel as far as the seven tribes were concerned in the eighteenth chapter of the book of Joshua. Joshua describes their inability to settle in the given land as slackness! This is because they took too long to move in and take over the land. In actual sense, they seemed not to be in any hurry or intentional to take over the land as it were. They could have been happy with what they had received so far and now they were sitting back, relaxed and enjoying the gift from Yahweh.

This did not go well with Joshua because that was not the purpose. They were to go in and take over the land as God gave it. Up to this point, God was still allocating them the land as He had promised but they seem to have fallen back and either waiting for “things to happen” or they could have been no longer interested or they were complacent. Joshua is angry with them and gives them a strategy to get the land. “Give me three men from each tribe and I will send them…” was his command.

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The work is not finished and there was no reason for them to sit back and enjoy or even settle for less whereas there was still more of the Promised Land.

We probably fall in the same situation as leaders of the church today. Could it be that in our silent cry for mercy or favour that we lose sight of it when we get to taste the beginning? It could look like we are complacent with the gifts of God and the blessing that we have received while we were young in our ministries or the answers to our prayers on situations that seemed to be so big and forgotten to forge forward with the intended purpose of God for us. When we look around us, we seem to be comfortable with the blessing of the crew we have/had and give a blind to what is ours to receive.

If we may ask ourselves;

  • What glory are we moving in?
  • Are we defined by what “used to” be or are defined by “who is” today?
  • Could we still be moving with the shadow of those who came before us and forgotten that fact that we need to create our “own” shadows within the purposes of God?

It is so easy to confess blessings and not move on to receive what is ours because of the kindness of those who are with us. The church leadership today is to look within critically and ask ourselves why we are slack with the gospel message. 

May the Lord help me not to lose sight of what God wants of me by having a false sense of achievement. God forbid!


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