Allotment Completed

Many times, we often do not seem to understand what God is doing in the lives of His people on earth today. We look at how they look and at times how unimpressive they may look not knowing that the Lord is doing something in their lives.

As we look at the children of Israel, we see how systematic God was in settling them in the Promised Land. This is so vivid, as we look at the 19th chapter of Joshua.

God used a method that He only could use; who can tell where dice will fall? Unless of Couse, it is not a dice but an imitation. Whether electronic or otherwise.

Dice lying in the sand on a beach
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It would have been impossible for Joshua to decide who settles where unless the Lord was in charge. Moreover, indeed He was. He rolled the dice and the Lord allocated as He pleased.

Nevertheless, as I look at all this, I realize that the children of Israel were blessed and highly favoured by God. They had to do nothing but to believe in God and His leadership. They did allow Joshua to guide as the lots fell because it was God settling them. This seems to be blind faith and obnoxious by all standards. There is no science or logic to follow but faith! Everyone had his or her place. This is a great teaching to us today even as we trust God in doing what He promised to do. Everyone has his or her place reserved. We often miss this when we try to outdo God. We fail. The Lord knows where He has you placed and there is no mistake in that. He allows us to trust Him as we grow in faith in Him.

Interestingly, Joshua was the last one to receive inheritance…! He did not plan it so by God.

OH, Lord, Help Me!

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